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How Much Does Escape Room Pay


Did you know that you can earn over 800% revenue just by locking up your customers? You read that correctly. Escape rooms are an excellent business opportunity, and many people are taking advantage of them. You get locked in a room with other ten people.

Then numbers, words as well as objects are scattered on the wall. Your job is to look for a key that will unlock the door behind you within a given timeframe (usually 60 minutes).

As simple as that, you can get your money. Escape rooms are taking over the world because they’re not only team-building exercises but also part theatre games. And ever since they were introduced, their growth has been rapid. According to statistics by the Market Watch in 2010, there were over 2800 permanent escape rooms worldwide which have been registered to directories of the escape room.


Popular investors, like the likes of Nate Martin, Puzzle Break’s CEO, have earned a fortune from investing in these games. A 2015 study found out that escape rooms are profitable businesses, and made a gross salary of over $600000 in that year.

So how much does escape room pay? Well, that depends on several factors. However, most games are priced between $25 and $30 per head for a maximum of one hour. And, they allow 10-12 players at a time.

So for one game, owners can get between $250-$300 approximately. These profits are enough for rent, payroll as well as expanding the room out.

As long as you’ve strategically placed these rooms, you’ll be in for some huge profits. So if you’re looking forward to starting a room escape dc, this business can be quite promising. However, one has to be smart about it.


Standard rooms have a table with paper and pens. But, some owners design more complex rooms and include technical wizardry as well as elaborate sets. For instance, The Exit Game in LA has a laser room.

But for someone who’s just starting, they should reduce their costs in whichever way possible. Therefore, like SCRAP, you can rent a small room for your tickets to sell out. And this tactic appears to be paying off since SCRAP says that its revenue grew by 800% during its first year in the United States.