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Are you an art lover? Do you find it refreshing to incorporate different artworks in your place of living and workplace? If so, then you are first to know how hard to find high-quality paintings nowadays. Granted, everyone can give off their artistic vibe and put it into a canvass to be admired, but only a few artists have the power to leave their imprints in the mind of their clients. There are a lot of people who are always in search of that perfect artwork. They attend a variety of galleries and art shows so that they can have the perfect set of displays for their properties. Some people even make a career out of it, dealing artworks to art enthusiasts just to be closer to these beautiful masterpieces.


Do you love art?

There are many reasons for one to love artworks. One, it is known to bring forth life and color to a dull interior of a property. Even if you just have a small house with a garage door in Tulsa, decorating it with artworks can bring a whole new level of beauty to it. It makes the place look bigger depending on the painting that you will buy and it can also give your property a timeless beauty. When you choose a painting that is calming – like a seascape or a cityscape, it is possible that the artwork that you will buy would be a source of calm and relaxation as you come home at the end of the day. If the artwork you will choose is made by important personality whose talents are already well-known in the field, this can also serve as an investment for you.

Do you know art?

CayetanoFerrer brings you a collection of artworks that are exquisite and artistic. You can find here art pieces that the world has never seen yet before. Landscape, portrait, realism, abstract – name it, we got you covered. You can even commission our artists to create an artwork for you. Whether it is for your personal use or as a gift to your friends, we can all do that too. We can do a family portrait for you or other artwork that you’d be proud to be in possession of. We promise you that when you get our services, you won’t have any regrets because we always aim only for the 100% satisfaction of our customers.


Using Artists and Casinos

Using fine art in a casino may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, casinos are using this type of art to attract new customers and Live dealer roulette is an online game that connects players to a real human dealer via video. It also enhances guests’ experience by making their visit more memorable. While some casinos are opting for museum-like exhibits, others are turning to fine art galleries.

One example is the new “Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” exhibit at Hard Rock casino in Atlantic City. The exhibit uses over 300 Van Gogh paintings to bring the famous artist’s works to life through cutting-edge projection technology.

Another example is the 57-panel digital artwork “The Casino” by Thomas D Gray. The piece is an artistic interpretation of iconic images associated with London and casinos. The artwork is displayed throughout the hotel, including the restrooms, elevators and stairwells.

A number of casinos have invested in a fine art collection. These pieces are meant to be focal points in various rooms of the hotel. Palms Casino is no exception. The casino has a full collection of contemporary art and street art, including paintings by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and more. This is in addition to a permanent piece by avant garde painter and sculptor Antonius Verneuil.

In addition to fine art, casinos have also been known to pour money into their interior design. They have invested in state-of-the-art lighting and furniture, and incorporated art into their layouts. This has helped casinos overcome a number of shortcomings. The most popular is the use of colour, which is especially useful in creating a captivating atmosphere. Other examples include the use of gothic horror themes and vampires.

Casinos have also become a great source of inspiration for visual artists. This is especially true in the case of online gaming. This is due to the fact that casinos have developed a strong relationship with the visual arts industry, which has benefited both parties. This has resulted in casinos being able to offer visitors with the grandest and most exciting displays of art.

The use of 3D technology in a casino has also contributed to the creation of a number of great works of art. Some examples include the creation of the world’s largest walk-through exhibit at the Hard Rock hotel and casino.

Another example of the casino’s commitment to the art world is the appointment of a digital artist in residence. This allowed the casino to transform its former glory into a modern, vibrant casino that combines gambling with aesthetics.

The best part about casino fine art is the potential to attract new customers. Guests may not be inclined to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City for art, but they are probably more inclined to go to Borgata for its $200 per night room rate. Guests may also be a fan of the arts, and casinos are trying to capitalize on that.

The Palms casino in Las Vegas also has a fine art collection. In 2018, the casino underwent a $620 million makeover that included a revamped lobby and an impressive street art collection. The casino also has a small but impressive art collection curated by Suzi Cordish, the wife of real estate mogul David Cordish.

What are we all about?


Exhibits every end of the month

Our company also hold exhibits every end of the month. We assemble this with the biggest and the brightest artists. Here is a haven for art enthusiasts because you are going to be surrounded here by the best artworks you can find in the industry. More than that, you can even meet the artists.

Most deserving artists

You can talk to them first hand, and they can give you an overview of what is the art about. We guarantee you that you will only find here the best because we are very thorough when it comes to choosing the most deserving artists in the field. Want to be a part of this? Then sign up for our newsletter today so you won’t miss the chance to be updated about our schedule.

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